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Birthday Cakes in all shapes and themes. They are made in rich fruit cake as well as 10 other mouth-watering flavours. These are just some of our extensive range of novel Birthday cakes. Each cake is individually designed with the recipient in mind to reflect that persons personality or interests. Why not contact us to see what we can create for you?

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[Thomas' Friend James Birthday Cake]

[Chef's Birthday cake]

Thomas the tank engine: Thomas's friend James the No5 engine outside the engine house.   Any child's favourite character can be made in cake. Chefs Delight: This unusual cake was created for a chef who has two small boys and a keenness playing golf on the odd occasion that the opportunity presents itself.

[Sex_and_the_City Birthday cake]


[Rubys Birthday cake]

Sex and the City:  Combine your favourite TV show with your favourite night clubs! (Chocolate shown.)
Crime Scene Ruby's:  Investigate this 21st. (Hummingbird cake shown.)

[Scrabble Birthday cake]


[Card Table Birthday cake]

Scrabble:  Spell out your own birthday message and get a double word score. (Chocolate mudcake shown.)
Poker:  Deal an unbeatable hand with this fabulous birthday cake.  (Available in all our wonderful flavours shown below.)

[Carousel Birthday cake]


[James Bond Birthday cake]

Carousel:  Delicate garlands of flowers festoon the sides of this elegant cake. (Lemon and yoghurt shown.)
James Bond: Perfect for the bond fan But who is your movie hero? We have ideas for all. (Vanilla and Butter cake shown.)


[Oldies Birthday cake]


[Builders Birthday cake]

Old People Crossing:  Zimmer frames at the ready! (Orange and Poppyseed shown.)
Workmates: This was created for a double birthday - the staff meeting just got interesting!  (This was made as half carrot cake and half orange and poppyseed.)

[Elvis Birthday cake]


[Danvers Birthday cake]

Elvis: Your favourite star can be immortalised in one of our novelty cakes.
Dancers: Eight dancers complete a 'set' for this cake created for a dance instructor.

[Spiderman Birthday cake]


[Blossom Birthday cake]

Spiderman:  Crashing to the rescue - here comes Spiderman!

Blossom: A delicate collection of pink blossoms adorn this simply elegant 21st cake.

[Gold & Blue Stars Birthday cake]


[Shoe Girl Birthday cake]

Stars:  Bouncy stars in the colours of a themed
party add subtle razzamatazz.

Shoes:  A girl can never have too many shoes! Have a piece of cake while you decide which ones to wear.





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Our Birthday cakes are available in:

   Chocolate Cointreau Mudcake

   Lemon lime and Poppyseed

   Baileys Chocolate Mudcake

   Banana cake

   Orange and Poppyseed



   Lemon and Yoghurt

   White Chocolate mudcake

   Caramel chocolate mudcake

   Dark chocolate mudcake

   Moist vanilla and butter

   Rich fruit cake

   Raspberry and hazelnut **

** Unfortunately the whole luscious
raspberries in this cake make it
unsuitable for sculpting. But the flavour..!